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Super Gravity Dodger

SGD is the songwriting project of Vancouver Canada Bassist Pat Darcus.

For decades seen on stage with many fine west coast blues, roots, hillbilly, surf artists. Sharing stages and learning from some of the best. Patrick has accumulated a backlog of original songs that until now have not seen the light of day. 


Influences? “I’m affected by so many great writers both musical and on the written page. But as much by the people close to me, and those I encounter only briefly, 

the events of the world around us, and of course by my own internal turmoil and joy”.  The songs reflect that; touching on a number of genres and topics, at times in a reflective sense, sometimes abstract. Always moved by raw energy and strong statements both musically and lyrically, he goes on to say ; “ The writing has surprised me at times. How personal it came out, even scared me”.


And the genres represented here display a wide range of territory: From Alt Country, Americana to Surf, Reggae, Guitar Rock to contemplative ballads. On this first release: A small batch of 6+ songs that are a musical departure from what we’ve heard in his role in various rhythm sections. Love songs, gravity defying takes presented with a variety of musical surroundings.

I hope you like what you hear. 


 The future? Many more songs that sit in waiting to see the light of day. “ From here I hope to bring future releases together to create an identifiable sound, something relevant to the world we find ourselves in, yet channelling some of the great music from the past that resonates with me”. And finding that connection with an often complex world. That is the power of music. That is how we keep from falling."

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